Talk/Lecture Series

2022 THURSDAY EVENING TALKS at Sandy Bay Yacht Club ~ 6 P.M.

Complimentary  Refreshments ~ Guests Welcome


Come and learn about the history of the United States Lifesaving Service and its evolution from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Humane Society through the Revenue Cutter Service to form the United States Coast Guard.

Member George Grimes Presenting

Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks Provided. Appetizers Welcome.  No RSVP.

August 25th -  GLOUCESTER MARINE GENOMICS INSTITUTE: A New Source of Opportunity

After a two-year wait, we finally have the good people from GMGI come to SBYC to talk about their amazing work!

Located on Gloucester’s historic harbor, Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute was founded in 2013 with the belief that the ocean represents a new source of opportunity for Cape Ann. GMGI addresses critical challenges facing our oceans, human health, and the environment through innovative scientific research and education.

Come learn about their ambitious vision for the future …transformative education occurring at Gloucester Biotechnology Academy and the incredible potential of marine genomics to solve challenges facing human and environmental health.

This presentation features Madeline Harlan, Gloucester Biotechnology Academy alumnus (2017) and Academy instructor and Kate Castellano, Ph.D., GMGI’s Postdoctoral Scientist and marine genomics expert.  GMGI’s Development, Logan Walsh, will welcome you.

 Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks and Pizza Served.  NO RSVP


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