Ned Hay Star Regatta – SBYC

The Cape Ann Star Fleet will host the Ned Hay Star Regatta on August 13-15, 2021.

The Ned Hay Memorial

(Based on information supplied by Martha Safford & John Fox)

Edward N. Hay was a member of the Cape Ann Star fleet. He sailed with his wife Doris Hay. Their last boat was 3110, Dody, and was pictured in the 1954 North American Championship program in an advertisement for Watts Sails. His management consultant firm frequently placed advertising in the Log until his death in 1958.

Ned Hay was the honorary chairman of 1954 of North Americans held by the Cape Ann fleet. One of the nice touches of this North Americans was the use of paintings as trophy prizes.

Soon after his death Doris Hay donated the Ned Hay Trophy which held its first regatta in 1959. Another long-time Cape Ann fleet member, Paul Woodbury, was the winner of this first regatta.

In 1987 Hilary Smart donated copies of a lithograph of boats in front of the Sandy Bay Y.C. to be used as a prize for winning the trophy. This print was used as one of the prizes in the 1954 North Americans. Martha Safford helped Hilary by getting involved in choosing other art work as prizes for the Ned Hay Memorial that year, and that is how the tradition of having art work for prizes at the Ned Hay began. Later, Hilary Smart donated his brother Paul’s watercolors to be used for this purpose, and Martha still has 20 of these left. Other noted Rockport artists such as Arthur Knauth, a former Star sailor, and Betty Lou Schlemm, have also donated prints.

Mrs. Doris Hay presenting the Ned Hay Memorial trophy
to Mead Batchelor, 1962 winner

Past Winners List

2020 #8286 Not Held (Covid)
2019 #8286 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2018 #6320 Dwight Escalera (NB)
2017 #8291 William Swigart (CLIS)
2016 #8177 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2015 #8367 Bill Watson (CLIS)
2014 #8177 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2013 #8229 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2012 Not Held
2011 #8067 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2010 #7265 Josh Phypers (CA)
2009 #8177 Jud Smith (CA)
2008 Not Held
2007 #7793 Tomas Hornos (BH)
2006 #8007 Bill Watson (CLIS)
2005 #7951 Peter Cusick (Mid CT)
2004 #7952 Ben Cesare (Mid CT)
2003 #7817 Jake Fiumara (CA)
2002 #7847 John Safford (CA)
2001 #8056 John MacCausland (CR)
2000 #7621 Peter Costa
1999 Not Held
1998 #7604 T. Neilson (CA)
1997 #7862 J.A. MacCausland (CR)
1996 #7628 McNeil (AN)
1995 #7628 McNeil (AN)
1994 #7468 Ivey (Sun)
1993 #7681 J.A. MacCasuland (CR)
1992 #7468 Ron Sandstrom (BH)
1991 #7468 Ron Sandstrom (BH)
1990 Rosebud Cafe John Safford (CA)
1989 Supersuperfindus Ed Adams (NB)
1988 Rosebud Cafe John Safford (CA)
1987 Little Feat Ivey (Sun)
1985 #6378 Herrmann (NB)
1984 U-2 Bear Hovey (Mid)
1982 Hilarius Hilary Smart (CA)
1981 Sister of Mercy Conrad (Mid)
1980 Brillo Joe Zambella (BH)
1979 #4985 Conrad (Mid)
1978 #5460 Joe Zambella (BH)
1977 Hilarius Hilary Smart (CA)
1976 Star of the Sea Joe Duplin (BH)
1975 Arriba Peter Beam (CLIS)
1974 Sadalsund Webster (BH)
1972 Gadfly Bruce Dougherty (ER)
1971 None Yet Steve Andrews (HB)
1969 Tackless Goddard (CA)
1967 Tackless Goddard (CA)
1966 Star of the Sea Joe Duplin (BH)
1965 Shandry Skip Etchells (CLIS)
1964 Envy Kevin Jaffe (CLIS)
1963 Mavourneen Moore (HB)
1962 Aquarius Mead Batchelor (Mid)
1961 Star of the Sea Joe Duplin (BH)
1959 Flamingo IV Paul Woodbury (CA)
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