Membership Information

Sandy Bay Yacht Club has approximately 800 members ranging in age from 8 to 95. The benefits of club membership include:

  • Access to yacht club facilities including clubhouse, wharf and floats.
  • Enrollment in the Junior Sailing Program, the Adult Sailing Program, or private sailing lessons.
  • Participation in club-sponsored races and regattas in several one-design and cruising classes.
  • Attendance of club social events including chowders, weekend coffees, after-sailing get togethers, dances, cookouts and catered or potluck suppers.
  • Club merchandise is offered for sale to Club Members.
  • Use of club-owned sailboats, including Rhodes 19s and Bullseyes, once authorized by club personnel. Also use of club-owned row boats.
  • Access to our Snack Bar for lunches – enjoy them in our waterfront rocking chair fleet.
  • Be a spectator on the waterfront to enjoy being around boats and boating and enjoy watching top flight sailing and racing in and around Sandy Bay.

Types & Dues

Membership in Sandy Bay Yacht Club is very affordable, and the dues are age-dependent. There are three basic types of membership – Junior (age 8 to 20), Senior B (age 21 to 34) and Senior A (age 35 and above). In addition, there is also a Family Membership which is for two parents/guardians and two or more juniors (age 8-20). There may also be additional fees for boat owners (check with the manager for applicability).

2021 dues

  • Junior Dues (Ages 8 to 20 as of June 30) – $97.00
  • Senior B Dues (Ages 21 to 34 as of June 30) – $165.00
  • Senior A Dues (Age 35 & over as of June 30) – $351.00
  • Family Dues (2 Parents and 2 or more Juniors) – $832.00

Membership applications are available at the Clubhouse or may be mailed to you upon request.

You may also download a membership application here.

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